Hand of Hope Experience Programme

Hand of Hope Experience Programme
Speed up stroke recovery and regain hand mobility

Hand of Hope is an international award-winning, surface Electromyography (EMG) driven robotic hand therapy device for rehabilitation. Combining advances in robotics and neuroscience, it helps stroke patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning.


Features of Hand of Hope


1st sEMG-Driven Hand Robot Exoskeleton

Detects sEMG (surface Electromyography) signals from patient's muscles and assists to perform rehabilitation training

Hand and Arm Training

Hand and Arm Training

Patients can perform hand and arm training at different rehabilitation stages

Active and Passive Modes

Active and Passive Modes

Provides active and passive modes for training hand opening and closing

Interactive Games

Interactive Games

Interesting interactive games with adjustable difficulty levels to enhance patients' motivation

How does Hand of Hope works

The Hand of Hope works by stroke patient’s self-initiated movement, recognized via surface EMG electrodes located on the affected forearm. Patients can see and understand their own capability throughout displayed feedback which help increase motivation and engagement in the therapy. Patient's effort is displayed in real time on the screen.

1. Brain – Intention to move

2. Motor Neuron – Motor signal travels

3. EMG Sensors – Motor signal is captured

4. Hand of Hope – Captured signal drives robotic hand

5. Positive Feedback – Speed up motor recovery

Functions of Hand of Hope


  • Decreased muscular activity after stroke, spinal cord injury or hand/finger injury
  • Difficulty to self-initiate, control or maintain voluntary muscle movement
  • Impaired coordination of voluntary movement of the upper limb

Hand of Hope is used to facilitate

  • Initiation of voluntary muscle contraction
  • Motor control and coordination
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Control of abnormal muscle activity
  • Continuous reinforcement of the correct responses

Hand of Hope Experience Programme

Stroke patients can now join the “Hand of Hope Experience Programme” to bring the robotic device home
for easy and convenient rehabilitation training.

Programme Details

  • Programme consists of two phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2), each phase lasts for two months
  • Programme fee includes usage of Hand of Hope, delivery, user training, maintenance service and technical support
  • Patients joining the programme will receive free progress assessment by our in-house clinical advisors
  • Register now to enjoy the benefits from Hand of Hope! You are welcome to call or WhatsApp us at 9696 4832 to know more!。

Benefits of using Hand of Hope

  • Hand exercise can be performed conveniently at home every day
  • Easy for repetitive active participation – The key for successful rehabilitation
  • Different training modes with adjustable difficulty levels to cope with patients' need
  • Interactive games to enhance patients' motivation
  • Provides reports on patients' training data for progress follow-up
  • Compact and easy to carry in a provided carry case

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